DRIE Toronto Sponsorship Benefits Package


DRIE Toronto offers four (4) levels of sponsorship, each with specific benefits. The National Sponsorship includes exposure to all seven (7) Canadian Chapters providing national exposure at a savings of over 30% of what it would cost to join each DRIE Chapter individually. Refer to the Sponsor Benefits chart and the detailed descriptions of each benefit below. For more more details click on this link at: http://www.drie.org/toronto/docs/Toronto_Sponsorship_Benefits.2018.v2.pdf. If you have any questions, please email the Sponsorship Director at: sponsorship@toronto.drie.org 
     Toronto Sponsorship Benefits Package  
BENEFITS National Gold Silver Bronze
  • Sponsorship Fee
$5,700 $2,000 $1,000 $500
  • DRIE Memberships Included
4 7 2 1
  • All sponsors will be acknowledged by the meeting facilitator.
  • 2 minute Sponsor introduction at the start of each Symposium
  • Table-top display at each Symposium  (2 sales support staff registrations)
  • Print sponsor logo on the agenda
  • Sponsor contact information and logo included in Sponsor PowerPoint loop during lunch and breaks.
1 minute per exposure 1 minute per exposure 30 seconds per exposure 15 seconds per exposure
  • Presentation at selected Quarterly Sessions*(see notes)
1 x 20 mins 1 x 20 mins    
  • Yearly Guest Passes to Symposiums  ($35 value per Pass)
10 / year 10 / year 8 / year 4 / year
  • Symposium F&B Sponsorship opportunities (breakfast, lunch, reception)
  • Brochure dissemination at Symposium
  • Sponsor Logo on the Home page and select DRIE Website pages
  • Sponsor Reference on select DRIE Website pages
  • Sponsor listing and logo on Sponsor page with a link to the Sponsor’s website
DRIE DIGEST (4 Issues / Year)    
  • Full Colour Ad
Half Page Half Page Quarter Page Bus. Card
  • Article Opportunity (1500 words)
4 / year 4 / year 2 / year  
  • Sponsor Appreciation Page
Large Large Medium Small
  • Sponsor events calendar
  • Sponsor Hosted Event marketed by DRIE
1 / year 1 / year    
  • DRIE Networking Events
  • Attendance at all Networking Events
  • Include sponsor events in DRIE Calendar
  • Email sponsor events to the DRIE Membership
DRIE Toronto Digest - copy of Vol 28 Issue 1 January 2020

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