Real Event Log

Des O'Callaghan, FBCI

May - July 2019

Aug-03 Texas 20 killed, 26 injured in a mass shooting at a crowded El Paso Walmart
Aug-04 Ohio Gunman shot dead by police after killing his sister and 8 others at a Dayton nightclub
Aug-10 BC Sea-to-Sky gondola sabotaged; all 30 cars crash to the ground overnight; no-one hurt

Aug-14 Ontario Impaired London driver crashes into a house, severs a gas line, causes major explosion
Aug-17 Afghanistan ISIS suicide bombing at a Kabul wedding kills at least 63 and injures over 180
Aug-25 Hong Kong China arrests activist leaders and deploys more troops to manage increasing HK protests
Aug-30 BC Gas price enquiry finds an “unexplained” gap of 13 c/L for GVA above other areas
Sep-01 Texas Shooting rampage outside an Odessa move theatre after routine traffic stop kills 5
Sep-02 Bahamas Cat 5 hurricane Dorian slams islands with record 295 kph winds, causing major damage
Sep-03 California Explosions and fire on a dive-boat fire in the Channel Islands kill at least 25
Sep-07 Maritimes Hurricane Dorian arrives as a Cat 2, taking out power for 476,000 in NS, NB and PEI

Sep-14 Saudi Arabia Attack on an oilfield cuts global supply 5 per cent and drives up the price 15 per cent
Sep-17 Afghanistan 2 suicide bombings at a Presidential campaign rally and US embassy kill at least 46
Sep-22 Hong Kong Pro-democracy protests escalate, with arson at a police station and transit vehicle damage
Sep-28 Alberta Heavy snowfall leads to hundreds of collisions on Calgary area roads alone
Oct-04 Toronto City ridiculed for simultaneously announcing climate emergency and Gardiner repairs
Oct-07 Ontario Huge public outcry as bullied 14-year-old boy stabbed to death outside Hamilton school
Oct-13 Japan At least 33 killed in typhoon Hagibis, dozens injured or missing as storm continues
Oct-14 Manitoba State of emergency declared as snowstorm knocks out power for tens of thousands
Oct-23 England 39 dead bodies found in a Bulgarian trailer at an industrial park east of London
Oct-26 California 180,000 forced to evacuated in the path of wildfires; power is cut for 2.3 million
Oct-31 Ontario Intense rain and windstorm moves barge stuck above Horseshoe Falls for 101 years
Nov-01 California Power company admits it was re-energizing circuits immediately prior to wildfire start
Nov-10 Australia New South Wales declares first state of emergency since 2013 due to wildfire risk
Nov-11 Toronto AC unit falls from 8th floor of a Scarborough apartment, killing a 2-year-old below
Nov-17 India 32 arrested in a call centre bust, stopping a scam to defraud Canadians via SIN data
Nov-20 Syria 23 Syrians and Iranians killed in Israeli retaliation to Golan Heights rocket attacks
Nov-26 Albania Earthquake M6.4 across the southern Balkans kills at least 6 and injures hundreds
Dec-01 Mexico Gun battle in Villa Union leaves at least 14 drug cartel members and 6 others dead
Dec-06 Australia 10 wildfires connect up 50km north of Sydney, where the sky turns orange
Dec-08 India Overnight Fire in a New Delhi factory kills at least 43 people trapped inside
Dec-10 Czech Republic Gunman kills 6 at point blank range, then himself at a hospital in Ostrava    
Dec 17 Toronto LifeLabs says it paid cyber ransom for personal information on 15m customers
Dec-19 Australia New S. Wales declares second emergency due to wildfires; 2 firefighters killed
Dec-20 BC Major snowstorm causes major transportation disruption over a wide area
Dec-21 New Brunswick 60 firefighters battle major tire fire in Minto that could burn for a long time 
Dec-25 Philippines Typhoon Phanfone overwhelms entire towns, leaving at least 28 dead, 12 missing
Dec-31 Australia Thousands flee to the beaches in NSW to get away from the raging wildfires
DRIE Toronto Digest - copy of Vol 28 Issue 1 January 2020

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