Decade Real Event Log

Des O'Callaghan, FBCI

Feb-09 Japan Toyota recalls another 437,000 cars, bringing the global total to 8.5m vehicles
Apr-16 Europe 17,000+ flights cancelled due to south-easterly drift of volcanic ash cloud
Apr-20 Louisiana Explosion in a BP oil well triggers a huge and worsening slick in the Gulf
Feb-01 US Midwest Major storm nicknamed “Snowpocalypse” affects 100 million people
Mar-11 Japan Massive earthquake M9.0 NE of Tokyo and tsunamis cause devastation
Apr-18 Japan Quake death toll reaches 14,000, but as many are still unaccounted for
May-01 Pakistan al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, architect of 9-11, killed by US forces
Jun-02 Toronto Gang-related shooting in Eaton Centre food court kills 2, injures 5
Sep-11 Libya Terror attack on US consulate in Benghazi kills ambassador due to lax security
Oct-29 US E. Coast Hurricane Sandy turns left and hits New Jersey and New York City hard
Apr-15 Massachusetts 2 bomb explosions at the end of the Boston Marathon kill 3, injures dozens
Jun-20 Alberta Major flooding from heavy rain hits Calgary; the worst in decades
Sep-18 Ottawa Transit bus crashes into a VIA train at a crossing, killing 6, injuring dozens
Dec-23 Ontario Hundreds of thousands in GTA have no power 48 hours after ice storm
Oct-22 Ontario Radicalized gunman shoots and kills a soldier at Ottawa’s Nat’l War Memorial
Jul-01 Sask. /Man. Flooding in the prairies cause 96 communities to declare states of emergency
Nov-20 New York Snowfall in upstate areas reaches record 7 ft; nicknamed “snowmagedden”
Jan-07 France Jihadist terrorists storm Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, kill 12 employees
Apr-25 Nepal Large earthquake M7.8 destroys entire villages and kills as many as 10,000
Nov-13 France Coordinated terrorist attacks on a stadium, concert hall and cafes in Paris kill 130
Apr-25 Philippines Islamic extremists behead a Canadian man, one of a group of over 20 hostages
Jul-14 France Terrorist kills at least 84 when he drives a truck into Bastille Day crowds in Nice
Sep-02 S. Korea Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 phones after batteries explode, at a cost of $5.3b
Dec-14 Internet Yahoo discloses unprecedented 3-year-old breach that exposed 1 billion accounts

Apr-09 Illinois United Airlines creates PR disaster as police drag passenger off overbooked flight
May-19 Ontario Toronto Islands 40% under water due to heavy rain combined with spring runoff
Jun-13 England Massive, destructive fire in a West London apartment building kills at least 37
Aug-26 Texas Hurricane Harvey hits Texas, stalls, drops massive amounts of rain on Houston
Oct-01 Nevada Sniper shoots at concertgoers from a Las Vegas hotel room; kills 59, injures 527
Mar-30 California Tesla electric car crashes while on autopilot in Mountain View, killing the driver
Apr-06 Saskatchewan Truck collides with bus carrying Humboldt Broncos hockey team, killing 16
Apr-23 Toronto Van plows along Yonge St. sidewalk in North York, killing 10, injuring 14
Jul-22 Toronto 3 killed, including gunman attacker in a shooting at a Danforth restaurant
Sep-28 Internet Facebook admits to huge security breach in which 50 million accounts exposed
Apr-14 France Fire engulfs the roof of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, causing extensive damage
DRIE Toronto Digest - copy of Vol 28 Issue 1 January 2020

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