President’s Message

Joe Ozorio, CBCP, CBCA, MBCI

Welcome to our latest DRIE Digest edition.

There never seems to be a month go by were there is never some emerging or persistent major threat on the horizon or that has manifested itself in the present. No sooner were we dealing with cyber security and incidents in the last edition, than now we have to turn our attention to yet another communicable disease threat. The novel coronavirus has certainly captured the world’s attention, but in retrospect, it’s really nothing new to us Continuity/Resiliency planners (SARS, H5N1 Pandemic Planning anyone?). However, it does serve as a reminder that we need to be ever vigilant in being on alert and making sure our plans are kept up to date, flexible, and ever evolving with a focus on the threat horizon.

In this edition there are great articles that should help you refocus on this area of preparedness, with some additional thoughts to consider.

The threat landscape never sits still, and neither should we!

As always, I welcome and encourage your feedback, so if you have any comments, suggestions, questions or concerns about DRIE Toronto and how it’s run, please feel free to email me at

I hope you enjoy this edition of the DRIE Toronto Digest. …Joe
DRIE Toronto Digest - copy of Vol 28 Issue 1 January 2020

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