Become a DRIE Toronto corporate sponsor and gain access to over 300 DRIE members and benefit from
  • displaying your products and services and giving product presentations at our quarterly sessions;
  • having your logo displayed on DRIE Toronto’s sponsor Web page with a link to your company site;
  • free advertising opportunities in the DRIE Digest – a quarterly publication with a wealth of information on the latest disasters, seminars, conferences and continuity planning; and
  • free membership and guest passes.

As a DRIE Toronto Sponsor, you can choose the level of sponsorship that is right for your corporation: gold, silver or bronze. Benefits accompany each level of sponsorship. Refer to the Sponsorship Levels table below to find a full listing of the fees and benefits associated with each level.

When you become a DRIE Toronto Sponsor, you will be assigned a Relationship Manager. Your Relationship Manager is your liaison to DRIE Toronto and will assist you by
  • actively working with you to submit your logo, advertisement, articles and sponsorship fees to the appropriate DRIE Toronto committees;
  • ensuring that your sponsorship is an enjoyable experience; and
  • helping you take full advantage of everything we have to offer you as a Sponsor.

As a DRIE Toronto Sponsor, you are required to
  • submit your sponsorship fees by the due date;
  • participate fully in the sponsorship program;
  • discuss your requirements with your Relationship Manager; and
  • be a part of our motto: Share / Learn / Network in DRIE Toronto – Grow with Us.

For more information on how you can become a sponsor, fill out our Sponsorship Application Form (PDF) or contact the DRIE Toronto Sponsorship Director.

Sponsorship Levels

DRIE Toronto Sponsorship Matrix – 2010

  Gold Silver Bronze
Fees $2,000.00 $1,000.00 $500.00
Memberships Included 4 2 1
Guests Passes (per year) 10 8 4
Additional Guest Passes1 $35.00 $35.00 $35.00
Presentation at selected Quarterly Sessions2 2 x 10 mins. 1 x 5 mins. 1 x 5 mins.
Quarterly Session Sponsor (Breakfast , lunch or break)3 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Brochure Table at DRIE Quarterly Sessions4 4/Year 2/Year No
Web Page Sponsor Listing Yes Yes Yes
Link to Company Website Yes Yes Yes
Full Colour Ad (4 issues per year) Half Page Quarter Page Business Card Size
Article 4 2 1
Sponsor Logo Yes Yes Yes
Event Sponsor unlimited unlimited unlimited
Attendance at all networking events unlimited unlimited unlimited
EXPO/Vendor Trade Show      
Booth Yes Yes Yes

Event Sponsor

Yes Yes Yes

1  If guest becomes a member at the meeting the Guest Pass is returned to sponsor for redistribution
2  Due to demand speaking presentations are on a first come, first serve basis
3  There are opportunities to sponsor our quarterly meeting. This can be arranged through the Sponsorship Committee and the Program Committee
4  There is a table for brochures at each quarterly session. Sponsors are welcome to leave any literature there for DRIE members