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About DRIE


The Objectives of the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange (DRIE) are

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of information among Business Continuity practitioners;
  • To be an authoritative source of information relating to Business Continuity;
  • To promote Business Continuity awareness within the business and government communities;
  • To advance the professional standards of the Business Continuity discipline; and
  • To engage with representatives from commercial, not for profit and government organizations in providing information to support the most effective and efficient Business Continuity schemes for the protection of life, health and safety of individuals, and the protection of the property of organizations and the environment in Canada.

History of DRIE and BCMIE

DRIE is a non-profit organization with affiliate chapters throughout the world. The mission of DRIE is to promote business continuity planning, computer recovery planning, crisis management and other related disciplines as integral components of an effective business strategy. This includes appropriate integration with risk management protocols.

DRIE was founded in Toronto in 1985. A small group of disaster recovery planners came together to exchange ideas and information about their organizations’ planning efforts. Today there are eight Chapters comprising approximately 720 members worldwide.

The Business Continuity Management Information Exchange (BCMIE) was formed based on the principles established by DRIE and is proud to be an affiliate of the DRIE network.



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