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DRIE Digest
If you are interested in writing an article for our quarterly DRIE Digest please contact us.

March Symposium - See DRIE Toronto site for details




DRIE and its affiliates hold various seminars, webinars, and symposiums throughout the year to provide members with the opportunity to hear about current industry trends and issues, network and share experiences with one another.

We invite you to

  • SHARE,
  • LEARN, and

in a relaxed, informal environment. Visit the website of the Chapter closest to you for its event schedule.

DRIE is a member-driven organization and relies on volunteers to organize events. If you are interested in helping, please contact the Chapter closest to you.

Quarterly Meeting

In the context of Business Continuity and Emergency Management, the word business applies to both the private and public sectors. DRIE’s goal is to provide an accessible, informal, open forum for the exchange of information and knowledge related to the many variations of emergency preparedness.

At our quarterly meetings we have presentations on many of the following topics:

  • Disaster Recovery Planning;
  • Business Continuity and Resumption Planning;
  • Contingency Planning;
  • Crisis Management;
  • Crisis Communications;
  • Emergency Response;
  • Risk and Business Impact Assessment;
  • Pandemic Planning;
  • Exercises;
  • Weather and its Impact; and
  • Many other related topics.

If you are interested in giving a presentation at a quarterly meeting, please contact the Chapter closest to you.



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