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May 15, 2024
From Parade to Protest to Pandemonium – Are you ready?
Who would have thought getting a ticket to a concert, celebrating a sporting win, or a protest / march could end up in utter chaos?
Shootings, stampedes, life altering injuries, and even deaths…
Here are Just a few examples we will examine:
War protest marches in Canadian cities (and around the world)
Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl Parade (Kansas City)
Ottawa Freedom Convoy (Ottawa and across Canada)
Travis Scott Concert (Houston, TX)
Raptors NBA Parade (Toronto, ON)
Ariana Grande Concert (Manchester UK)
Route 91 Harvest Music Festival (Las Vegas)
And so many more…  check out the Quick Links on Home - Disaster Recovery Information Exchange ( (Toronto Chapter homepage) website for links to articles on these events.
These seemingly innocent events demonstrate how quickly gatherings can escalate to mass protests and civil unrest, which often occur spontaneously, creating unique challenges for any organizations trying to operate nearby. In these situations, businesses and safety professionals have little time to identify potential threats and ensure employee safety.
However, there are mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery strategies that every organization should consider to protect their people, maintain business continuity, and stay informed during fluid and extended violent mass gatherings.
Suzanne Bernier, author of “Disaster Heroes” and President of SB Crisis Consulting, explains how both organizations and individuals can prepare and respond.
Suzanne will address the real-life events above (and more) and share lessons learned through her tips and strategies on:
  • Unique planning and response challenges associated with protests and civil unrest
  • Mitigation and response to protect your business, your employees, and your clients/customers
  • What really happens in the mind of a victim/survivor when they are threatened or attacked
  • Safety tips to consider when organizing or attending any mass gathering, including parades and concerts


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