Membership Information

Individual member fees are $125.00 a year and include all of the benefits outlined in the Membership Benefits section above.

Student fees are $25.00 a year and include the same benefits as above with greater savings. There are no student discounts on the guest fees for individual meetings, so a student membership for the year is automatically registered when payment is received for just one meeting. To be accepted, all student membership registrations and renewals must be accompanied by a current and valid student number for full-time studies at a college or university (night school does not qualify as a full-time student).

Group membership fees are $500.00 a year. Group memberships allow for any seven individuals of the same organization to attend the quarterly meetings (the individuals can be different for each meeting). Therefore, the group is receiving seven memberships for the price of five.

The Designated Group Member (DGM) is the main contact for the membership. The DGM and all registered members associated with the group membership have the same privileges as an individual member. The role of the DGM includes receiving membership information, renewal notices and mailings; and exercising one voting voice.

All floating members must be registered to attend a RIE Toronto meeting or special event. The DGM is responsible for registering each floating member, which is done using the link for Event Registration, found under Members Area Features.

Guest fees for non-members who wish to attend RIE Toronto meetings are $35.00 per meeting. Joining RIE Toronto provides cost savings if you expect to attend more than two meetings during the year.

For members of the Ontario Association of Emergency Managers (OAEM), the fee for each of the RIE Toronto quarterly meetings is $25.00.

All memberships are valid for a year. For any questions or concerns regarding memberships, invoicing or renewals or online payment, please e-mail the Membership Director.

If you already are a RIE member and want to renew your membership for the next calendar year, please log-in and go to the Pay Membership Dues link provided beside your membership information.